Informative Speech


Our task for this speech is to inform the audience on a subject about which you have some level of expertise. One way to think about approaching topic selection is to think about three different kinds:

  • A speech describing a place or thing.
  • A speech defining a term or concept.
  • A speech explaining how something operates.

Your speech should do ONE of these three things. Avoid "How To" speeches for this assignment.

In addition to selecting an appropriate topic and scope, you will also need to support your content with at least 4 appropriately cited sources and an effective presentational aid (DO NOT read PowerPoint slides to the audience). The final speech you present to the audience will be 5-6 minutes in length and be accompanied by a professionally written formal outline.


  • Delivery (15pts.)
    • Eye Contact
    • Conversational Tone
    • Confidence/Movement
  • Structure (15pts.)
    • Elements
    • Clarity
    • Attention Catcher/Clincher
  • Content (15pts.)
    • Evidence
    • Thesis and Main Point Connection
    • Depth of Support
  • Sources (15pts.)
    • Oral Citations
    • Credibility
    • Relevance
  • Presentational Aids (15pts.)
    • Construction
    • Integration
    • Relevance
  • Expectations (10pts.)
    • Time
    • Audience Connection
  • Outline (15pts.)
    • Grammar and Spelling
    • Formatting
    • Citations

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Presentational Aids

Drafting and Using Outlines