Building Presentational Aids

PowerPoint has become both a cultural punching bag and a professional necessity. One TEDx speaker explored the phrase “death by PowerPoint.” Nevertheless, it is still an expected aspect of our professional lives. As we continue to develop our informative speech, we need to consider how we can represent what we are saying in some visual form. For this class you will be expected to use PowerPoint.

Everything you see in the following lectures can be summarized in one sentence: Your presentational aids should enhance your verbal message without simply repeating it. With that thesis in mind, let’s explore why we use aids, different kinds of aids, and expectations of aid construction.

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Prepare Yourself

Thinking about your informative speech, what are some of the most important points you make that could be effectively supported with a presentational aid?

How can you develop those aids so they are effective at supporting your ideas?

What are some ways you will change how you approach PowerPoint in future presentations?

Why should a speaker conceal their aid when they aren't referencing it?