Self-Intro Speech


Your first speech is intended to be a simple opportunity to practice skills in both structure and delivery. It's also an opportunity to stand in front of the class and develop confidence.

Using the provided Self-Intro Worksheet, fill in the required information, practice, and prepare yourself to present to the class. You will be allowed to use one side of one 3x5 note card for notes to help you remember. Grading will be based upon your delivery and content. 


  • Delivery (15pts.)
    • Eye Contact
    • Conversational Tone
    • Confidence/Movement
  • Structure (15pts.)
    • Elements
    • Clarity
    • Attention Catcher/Clincher
  • Expectations (15pts.)
    • Speech Topic
    • Time
    • Audience Connection

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Effective Delivery

Speech Structure

Attention Catchers and Clinchers