Special Occasion Speech


For our final speech we will be celebrating our new skill by having a little fun. Your project to end the class is to identify a person for whom you have a great deal of respect. This could be anyone: A parent, friend, sibling, or even a famous individual living or dead. The goal for this speech is to demonstrate your ability to clearly organize a speech while using effective, engaging language. Your speech should be 4-5 minutes long and highlight why this individual is special. Note: This speech is not about you, it's about the person. Explain to us why the world is a better place for all of us because this individual is in it.

No presentational aid is required, nor are you required to cite sources - though if you use a source, you must cite it appropriately. You may not use any written notes while delivering this speech. No formal outline will be handed in but your speech is expected to be clearly organized.

While this speech may seem easier than the others you've given, remember the expectations are elevated. Additionally, the absence of note cards will add a new element of preparation to your speech.


  • Delivery (30pts.)
    • Eye Contact
    • Conversational Tone
    • Confidence/Movement
  • Structure (20pts.)
    • Elements
    • Clarity
    • Transitions
  • Content (20pts.)
    • Creativity
    • Thesis and Main Point Connection
  • Expectations (10pts.)
    • Time
    • Audience Connection

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