Small Group Presentation


Working with your group you will be identifying, analyzing, and addressing a problem salient to students here at LCC. Imagine you have been asked by the Trustees of the college about your experience here. In particular, you have been asked to identify the most significant barrier to your success, and provide actionable suggestions for the Trustees to take to address that barrier. 

Your group will have 10-15 minutes to present your ideas, followed by a brief period for questions in which you should demonstrate the depth with which you understand the issue. Each person in your group must present an equal amount and you must include at least 10 appropriately cited sources along with some form of presentational aid. 

This is a group project. All group members will receive the same grade, regardless of contribution to the final product. Should one group member fail to contribute anything, his/her name should be removed from the final submission and you must inform the instructor. 


  • Delivery (30pts.)
    • Eye Contact
    • Conversational Tone
    • Confidence/Movement
  • Structure (20pts.)
    • Elements
    • Clarity
  • Content (20pts.)
    • Evidence
    • Thesis and Main Point Connection
    • Depth of Support
  • Sources (20pts.)
    • Oral Citations
    • Relevance
  • Presentational Aids (30pts.)
    • Construction
    • Integration
    • Relevance
  • Rhetoric (15pts)
    • Persuasive Structure
    • Source Quality
    • Logic
  • Expectations (10pts.)
    • Time
    • Audience Connection
  • Outline (15pts.)
    • Grammar and Spelling
    • Formatting
    • Citations

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