Week 1

Part 1

An Invitation to Public Speaking

Welcome to public speaking! If talking in front of people is something that comes naturally to you, then we’d like to help you develop skills to do it more effectively. If you are one of the majority for whom public speaking is a dreaded aspect of life, then we’ll ease you into the process and help you develop some confidence as well.

Before we jump into public speaking as a skill, we need to understand some of the underlying issues and concepts that make something we do on a regular basis, talking to people, so difficult. Let’s start by taking a look at why public speaking is so important, how communication functions, figure out what causes our apprehension, and what we can do about it. We’ll close out this portion of the text with a discussion about our ethical responsibilities as speakers.

Prepare Yourself...

In what ways will public speaking benefit your life?

Consider a recent communication interaction. How does that interaction fit into each element of the communication model?

What is your level of communication apprehension? What are three techniques you can use to address those concerns?

What does ethical communication look like?